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Intuitive Eating & health

Intuitive eating is not simply “eating whatever you want whenever you want.”⁣

⁣Part of intuitive eating is eating in a way that feels good physically and emotionally. If you’re wrapped up in food rules, healthy swaps, and food guilt, its really, really hard to tell which foods make you feel good and how you can promote physical health without compromising mental health. ⁣

⁣This is why we legalize ALL foods (and because healthy food/ health is not a moral obligation). ⁣You are not a bad person for eating "bad" food or a good person for eating "good" food.


⁣If you can give yourself permission to eat all foods, you will eventually be able to choose foods that you enjoy, make you feel good, keep you satisfied and nourish you. Intuitive eating can and does promote healthy minds and bodies, minus weight stigma and diet culture.


Interested in learning how to legalize all foods and nourish mind and body? Contact Jaeger Nutrition today.


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